As of May 27, 2003, The Star's Guidepost is officially closed.

As the webmistress of TSG, I have to say that I'm very sad to see it go. TSG was my very first webpage, which suffered horrible reviews, bad choices, awful HTML coding, and all the mistakes of the rookie webpage-maker - I'm sure I committed almost every eyesore possible in my mad enthusiasm to create a URL of my own. Today, Tigressong.Com is the result of my efforts - a collective of which I am very proud, justifiably, and which has seen many equal bursts of enthusiasm, and depression, in its time. Since TSG's creation, it became gradually more obsolete in the face of my changing hobbies, obsessions, and talents, and finally ended up for a long time as merely a miscellany depository - a place to store things that had no other place.

But TSG couldn't continue on that way forever, and it was with a heavy heart that I made the decision to close the door, pocket the key, and leave this memory in cyberspace with all the others I have accumulated since its surely destined opening around the summer of 2001.

Farewell, fateful epoch. I will miss you.

Give sadness now, my Sailor Eyes!
Bringing a miracle, the Sailor Wind!
This song is the guidepost of the stars...
Don't give up! Towards tomorrow, a Sailor Yell!
For sure! We will find you! The Sailor Star!
Flying upon angel's wings.

Remember...our song is the star's guidepost!
~tora koneko

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